APRIL, 2021

Cloud Migration
VMware HCX

The reasons behind any cloud migration or digital transformation are many at this stage and are well known. What happens in-between making the decision to move to cloud and getting there is where it can really get confusing.  With multiple platforms and providers available as well as business, compliance, physical, geographic, security and governance constraints to consider it can be hard to choose the right tool that can meet these all need.

With so many tools on the market offering a wide array of features and capabilities it can often be a project in itself to fully evaluate each one to make sure that it will meet your needs, can function within the constraints and security of your source and chosen destination environments as well as the required skills to operate it.

In our upcoming webinar  Cloud migrations – A Clear Path Forward with VMware HCX  we hope to at least shed some light on one of the many tools available for cloud migrations, VMware HCX.

At Ascend Cloud Solutions we have a team with years of dedicated cloud migration experience. We have worked with companies of 20 to 20,000+ employees, helping them to organise, plan and execute private/public/hybrid cloud migrations and data center consolidation projects to meet their business requirements and deadlines. With VMware based solutions now available on most of the big providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM) as well as thousands of regional partners, VMware HCX seems like a logical place for us to start in our upcoming webinar. As well as being a highly effective tool for moving vSphere workloads without change as well as converting non-vsphere workloads it also comes with a high-powered SD-WAN technology which has network stretching capabilities at layer 2.


So, what is the webinar all about?

Well, we are hoping to give you all the valuable information needed to decide if VMware HCX is the tool for your upcoming job in an hour or less without the need to run an evaluation of your own.

When is it on?

Thursday April 15th @ 3pm BST (British Summer Time)



And what will you be covering?

We will be covering a high-level overview of the different HCX services and capabilities and components.

Once familiar with the product overall we will be moving onto the juicy stuff, Network Extension. Here we will describe the benefits of layer two network extension and take you through a number of graphical packet walks to understand the dos and don’ts when it comes to setting it up.

We will then explain the different workload mobility capabilities and when and why you would use each one before a real-life product demo showcasing all that we have gone through the in the webinar.

Eoin Hardwicke: Senior Solutions Architect


And what will I be leaving with?

Hopefully with a tiny little bit more cloud migration wisdom than when you joined us an hour earlier.

If you in the planning or evaluation stages of a migration to a vSphere based cloud and want to know what VMware HCX can do then we promise this webinar will be an hour well spent

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