August, 2020

Cloud Migration
VMware HCX

Migration to the cloud can be made easy when you follow the Ascend Cloud Solutions 5 step plan to success.


VMware HCX is an application mobility platform designed for simplifying application migration, rebalancing workloads, and optimizing disaster recovery across data centers and clouds. It is broken down into two core components each offering a range of sub-services. Network
extension and Application mobility Key Benefits include version agnostic, any VMware to any VMware. Simplified software-defined mobility, optimization, and connectivity services.

Some of the business use cases which HCX would cover,

Consolidation → acquisitions, mergers, or value-driven

Evacuation →  Leave self -managed space behind, cost hike/sprawl or lack of required services

Cloud Adoption → First steps in an adopting public cloud

Hardware Refresh → Move to HCI

Ascend Cloud Solutions are a Managed Migration Services Partner whereby our primary focus is on migrating customers and partners to their VMware Cloud of choice. We are VMware HCX subject matter experts. VMware cloud is now available on Azure, AWS, Google, IBM, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, Oracle to name just a few.

When asked by prospective customers and partners to expand on the services we offer, a picture tells a thousand words. Migrations with HCX are what we do and we continue to guide and support our customers and partners on their journey to VMware cloud.