Are you a Primary, Secondary school or further education provider thinking of procuring new IT hardware for your school for the coming year and beyond?

STOP and look at Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for Education and avail of our complimentary on-site school survey.

Ascend Cloud Solutions are passionate about enabling our education institutes with industry-leading, cloud-based IT services, helping to build robust and scalable digital transformation strategies for education providers.

We are proud to launch our new Virtual Desktop Service offering tailored to education.



What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?


VDI is defined as the hosting of desktop environments on a central server in our Data Center located in Ireland. This service will enable students and staff to directly access the performance of modern IT servers through endpoints such as PCs or other devices, like tablets or thin client terminals.

What are the benefits of VDI to Education providers?

  • Picture an IT service that is fast, secure, and more adaptable to the ever-changing needs of students and staff!
  • VDI consumes far less power than traditional IT systems and only requires a minimum broadband connection speed of 4 Mbit/s to connect to your local cloud.
  • The VDI solution is ideal for schools who may suffer from poor broadband speeds allowing them to access significant improvements.
  • VDI allows for the concept of Green IT whereby existing or older desktops, PCs, tablets, and laptops can be repurposed to connect to your local cloud. Existing equipment may not need to be replaced and new equipment may not need to be purchased. (reuse/recycle)
  • VDI provides equal opportunities for all students, regardless of school type, location, or number of students.
  • Cloud based VDI service is accessible from anywhere by students and staff on any device.
  • VDI requires minimal staff involvement allowing the focus to be on educating.
  • VDI supports all your schools’ existing applications, Office 365, Google Suite, Teams, Zoom etc.
  • VDI presents the future, is flexible and adapts to the needs of each school individually
  • No more requirement for significant capital expenditure on PC’s, Tablets or Laptops.
  • Ascend Cloud Solutions are responsible for the design and implementation and support of your cloud. This removes the need to work with multiple vendors for peripherals, licensing, support, and management.
  • Costs are amortized at a predictable monthly or annual subscription.


VDI: a new unique approach

Ascend Cloud Solutions will support your school both on-site and, in the cloud. With VDI, schools now only need to provide a device that can access the internet. Students have the same platform at home or remotely as they do at school and can use all smart devices to access it. Application and program updates are carried out centrally, as is user management.


Principal Of Cork Primary School Quote:



 “Our 5th and 6th class have just begun an online coding program which, thanks to quick set up of the Ascend Cloud units, is now accessible for the whole class. Having the terminals in class will allow us to integrate digital learning seamlessly into our curriculum as the class teacher is not beholden to a school timetable for an iPad trolley or computer room. The teacher may allow pupils to engage in online research or activities at a moment’s notice with the full-time accessibility the classroom now has.

Above all, this access is affordable and sustainable for a school of our size. With the limited digital budget we have, most of our funds were spent on the maintenance of teacher’s laptops and adding one or two units a year for pupils. Working with Ascend Cloud will allow us to plan to improve access to digital resources for all pupils in our school. It will also allow us to explore providing remote access to pupils at home who would not otherwise be able to, either due to lack of devices or limited quality of an internet connection. Our association with Ascend Cloud is a potential game changer for the school and community. “

Ian O’ Connor: Founder and Managing Director, Ascend Cloud Solutions


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