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Most companies want to take advantage of the benefits of public/private/hybrid cloud and plan on moving some or all of their applications to cloud. While the need or necessity to migrate exists, companies may lack the tools, people, skills and methodology required. VMware HCX is an application mobility platform designed for simplifying application migration, workload rebalancing and business continuity across data centers and clouds. Ascend Cloud Solutions are your VMware HCX Experts for hire!

How Does VMware HCX work?


VMware HCX enables customers to link on premises environments to multiple clouds, creating a multi-cloud architecture. Once in place, VMware HCX enables hybrid interconnect facilitates seamless migration, disaster recovery and hybrid scenarios with no retrofit/rearchitecture of the source sites.luptate.

Application Migration

Easily migrate 1000s of vSphere and non-vSphere VMs within and across data centers without requiring a reboot. Once migrated, swing networks without any retrofit/redesign

Disaster Recovery

Protect critical workloads on-demand or schedule for disaster recovery planning seamlessly and securely with no reconfiguration of IPs.

Workload Balancing

Extend application components to exist in the multi-cloud world. Add an additional burst of compute and storage. Bulk migration of apps to or from the cloud to help you continually rebalance your cloud footprint to meet business goals.

Migration to Upgrade

Bulk migrate workloads from older 5.x vSphere environments to current without requiring an upgrade.

VMware HCX can support the following types of application migration

VMware HCX Bulk Migration
VMware HCX vMotion
VMware HCX Cold Migration
VMware HCX Replication Assisted vMotion
VMware HCX OS Assisted Migration

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