NSX-V to NSX-T Migration

Ascend Cloud Solutions are a Cloud Migration and Consultancy Services company providing Managed Migration and Consultancy Services on the VMware SDDC. We are a dedicated and tenured team with vast experience of the VMware Software Suite and an accredited VMware Partner.

We don’t believe that your migration needs to be stressful with a significant impact on your team, our goal as a company is to ensure that we are with our clients through every step of their migration to a successful conclusion.

The most pressing reason for migration is that NSX Data Center of vSphere (NSX-V) is fast approaching End of Support Life in January 2023. Until then NSX-V is in the Technical Guidance phase and has a reduced level of technical support with fewer security patches and bug fixes. View the VMware Product Lifecycle Matrix  and VMware Lifecyle Policies for more information.

The benefits of migrating from NSX-V is to gain access to the improved features and use cases supported by NSX-T Data Center including multi-cloud networking and security for VM, bare metal and containerized workloads and cloud-native apps, streamlined operations, increased automation opportunities, and integrations with other products.

If I was to summarize, NSX-V is in the final stages of its lifecycle whereas NSX-T will serve you well into the future with improved features and more use cases covered. The time is now to formulate a plan to enable this migration to take place and this is where our team at Ascend Cloud Solutions can be of benefit.

1) In-place migration on existing hardware; The existing networking and security configuration is migrated from NSX-V to a new NSX-T manager. North-south traffic is cutover to NSX-T Edges and the existing hosts are then migrated to NSX-V. To minimise workload downtime, maintenance mode can be used to evacuate workloads from hosts as the NSX-V components are uninstalled and replaced with NSX-T.

2) Co-exist NSX-V and NSX-T environments with new workloads deployed to NSX-T; Essentially you build out a new NSX-T environment and run it side by side with the old environment. Not surprisingly, this method requires enough ESXi hardware to stand up a new environment so is best combined with a hardware refresh cycle. Overtime you retire workloads on NSX-V as they are replaced by new workloads deployed to NSX-T.

3) Lift and shift existing workloads from NSX-V to NSX-T;  Using some new or repurposed hardware to get started, you migrate the networking and/or security configuration including your distributed firewall rules from NSX-V to a new NSX-T environment. Using an optional L2 extension to minimise workload downtime, you cutover the gateway for each logical switch to NSX-T and migrate the workloads to NSX-T hosts. As host clusters are freed up in the old environment, they can be repurposed in NSX-T as the destination for the next batch of workloads.


Managed Migration with Ascend Cloud Solutions

NSX V2T migration requires careful planning and preparation. For most customers, migrating from NSX-V to NSX-T will be a one-time occurrence. This makes it a high effort migration with significant risk given there may be no previous migration experience among your team. Ascend Cloud Solutions have been migrating customers on a VMware platform for over a decade, predominantly using VMware HCX which is now part of the NSX family. Leverage our teams extensive experience on the virtualised network to supplement your existing team, thus ensuring your migration is a success.

Are you ready to begin your NSX V-T migration journey? Reach out to Kieran at khallihan@ascendcloudsolutions.com for advice you can trust.

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John O'Brien

John O'Brien

John is a Technical Training Specialist at Ascend Cloud Solutions and is passionate about enabling our team and customer learnings on the VMware SDDC. With more than a decade of experience working with VMware solutions, John holds multiple advanced and expert level certifications on Data Center Virtualization, Network Virtualization and Cloud Management & Automation details of which are available from here.

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